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Welcome to Mitchell, and a new school year.  We look forward to seeing you soon!
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Congratulations Mrs. Voiles, our April "Teacher of the Month"

Jennie is an absolute gift to her students and to their families. Jennie works with students with autism that have been placed on our campus because of the specialized services that we offer. She builds very strong working relationships with their families by staying in contact with them on a daily basis. Jennie works with the families to help her students generalize the skills that they have learned at school to their other environments.
To someone who doesn’t know the disabilities of her students, they may think Jennie has lost her mind because her students can be having a meltdown and she is very calmly telling them what to do OR using visuals to help them calm down OR even breaking into song! Jennie taps into every possible teaching strategy in order to reach her students and she doesn’t teach academics only – she teaches life skills and social skills.
Jennie works very closely with the general education teachers so that she can work on getting her students into the general education classroom and increasing the amount of time in the classroom as they can tolerate the environment. It is absolutely amazing to see the progress of students that used to scream all day long when they came to Mitchell AND now the same student can participate in a 2nd grade classroom for long periods of time and even had a speaking part in the 2nd grade PTO program.
Jennie has much such a difference in the lives of the students that she serves and with their families. Activities and social skills that families thought would not be possible with their child have become a reality!