School Profile

Mitchell Elementary School

2500 Austin's Colony Parkway
Bryan, TX 77808
Grades: PK-4 

Mascot: Bulldogs
Colors: Blue & Silver


Named for Harvey Mitchell, the "Father of Brazos County." Mitchell's accomplishments are numerous. Most notably, he is responsible for bringing Texas Agricultural & Mechanical College to what is now College Station. At the age of 18, he joined a wagon train headed for Texas. While in Texas he met and married Althuisa. Together they raised nine children, several of whom are now buried at Boonville Cemetery, less than a mile from the school. While in Texas, Mitchell ventured into a number of occupations, most of which were in public service. In addition, he is known for establishing public education in the Brazos Valley by forming its first real school. He was also a builder of public buildings, a county clerk, and county judge among other occupations.