School Bus

Bryan ISD Transportation is reminding drivers to remember the rules of the road for school buses that are loading or unloading.

They've released a new Public Service Announcement Video showing when you have to stop for a school bus.

Every day, our dedicated school bus drivers take on the crucial responsibility of safely transporting children to and from school.

It's a role that requires unwavering attention to safety, not only for the kids on board but also for the people around them.

Running our reds is a term used to describe the dangerous act of passing a school bus when it is stopped and its red lights are flashing, and the stop sign is extended. Vehicles on the road should come to a complete stop. Failing to do so not only jeopardizes the safety of our kids but also carries serious consequences for the lawbreakers.

Legal consequences of passing a school bus with its stop sign extended can result in hefty fines, with penalties of up to $1000 in some jurisdictions. Such penalties are in place to deter reckless behavior and protect our children.

"Be more cautious, Be more safe. It could be your kids. It could be your grandkids, your neighbor's kid. Just pay more attention and help us do our job more safely," said Rosalinda Ybarra, Bryan ISD Transportation Lead Trainer.  

Remember, the safety of children is in your hands. Obey the law and stop for school buses. Together, we can help enforce the rules and protect our children. Let's make a collective effort to prioritize safety and put an end to the reckless act of running our reds. Our children's lives depend on it.

Our school bus drivers continue to see people not obeying the stop lights when out on their routes.

"It's all our children that are riding these school buses through town so safety is imperative you know we want to keep all the kids safe. We want to make sure drivers are safe the bus drivers are safe and anybody that is going to be entering or exiting these buses," said Officer Kole Taylor with the Bryan Police Department.

"You should be paying attention all the time but once you see the yellow flashing lights kind of take that extra time, slow down, and wait until that bus comes to a complete stop. At that time you've got to stop on either side of the road if it's not a divided highway.  If you see a bus pulling over to pick up some kids on the side of the road and you are behind it and you see the red flashing lights come on yes,  you do have to stop," he said.

You are required to stop on both sides of the road when a school bus' red lights and stop signs are activated. The only exception is vehicles coming from the opposite direction don't have to stop if there is a barrier, median or a divided highway. 

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